1. Some of Your Most Important Considerations when Designing a Banner for an Exhibit

    Posted on April 21, 2017 by Guy Atkinson

    Whilst banners, whether they are roller banners, pull up banners, or other types of banners such as wide banners – have been used for years and years, they’ve never really outgrown their welcome. In this age of digital technology, in fact, banners and other printed promotional materials are still very much in vogue. They’ve proven Read More…

  2. 3 office design trends for 2016

    Posted on January 27, 2016 by Guy Atkinson

    Office design trends are constantly evolving and if you want to showcase your company as being forward looking and in the loop, it’s important to keep abreast of the latest developments in workspace style. So you know what to expect over the coming months, here are three trends that are likely to take hold in Read More…

  3. Beer Review: Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew

    Posted on December 19, 2015 by Guy Atkinson

    Image credit: thebeernut.blogspot.com I should warn you, my being new to the Greenists and all, that I am a beer geek. I see a Guinness and think “light beer.” (It’s actually lower in alcohol and calories than Budweiser.) I’ve taken notes on every single new beer I’ve ever tasted.  I once spent a week working Read More…

  4. How Technology is Bringing Net-Zero Building to Reality

    Posted on December 19, 2015 by Guy Atkinson

    Energy loss being experienced by current building coupled with a growing concern over climate change and the debate as to what amount of contribution is manmade or made up has led designers to meet the challenge of creating architecture that meets the challenge of this question. Net-zero policies are being discussed on the local, state, Read More…

  5. Benefits of Native Gardens

    Posted on December 19, 2015 by Guy Atkinson

    Have you ever wondered why your garden requires so much work? The birds and bees who visit know how to care for themselves, so why not the plants?

  6. Making your own household cleaners

    Posted on December 19, 2015 by Guy Atkinson

    We’ve been sharing a series of articles about the toxins found in some conventional cleaning products.

  7. 5 toxins to avoid in your cleaning products

    Posted on December 19, 2015 by Guy Atkinson

    Many conventional household cleaners contain a bewildering array of chemicals. Some are safe and some are best avoided.

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Time management for Finance Professionals

time management


I’ve just re-read Richard Denny’s fantastic book ‘Selling to Win’, in which he mentions a time management technique that I learnt many, many years ago from an old boss of mine.


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