Some of Your Most Important Considerations when Designing a Banner for an Exhibit

Posted on April 21, 2017 by Guy Atkinson

Whilst banners, whether they are roller banners, pull up banners, or other types of banners such as wide banners – have been used for years and years, they’ve never really outgrown their welcome. In this age of digital technology, in fact, banners and other printed promotional materials are still very much in vogue. They’ve proven their worth time and again. But they have to be designed right. A pop up banner or roll up banner has to be well-designed in order for its purpose to be maximised. Here are some of your most important considerations when designing a banner for an exhibit. 

Brevity and clearness

Firstly, you have to make sure that the message of your banner is as simple, brief, and concise as can be. The hard fact is that people don’t want to spend too much time reading a banner – your message should be bold and clear and easily-understood. If you have a somewhat longer message, you can at least make use of bullet points.

Where to place important content

When designing your banner, keep your content separated. The most important or crucial content of your banner should be placed at the top, such as your main message and your company logo. Make sure the main message is placed at eye level so your audience can see it instantly. When coming up with your most important or crucial message, try to use a few key words or a key phrase. Don’t make it too long and complex – your audience can always find out more about what have to offer once they are at your booth and conversing with you; alternatively, you can always hand them a few flyers or leaflets as well. 

Colour ideas

Whilst colours are undoubtedly important for your pull up banner, make sure they are the right colours. Colours which can complement and embody your brand and image are always a good choice – remember, the colours are there to accentuate your brand and not compete with it. Some tips when it comes to colours: colours such as green and blue convey calmness and soothe the eye, whilst colours such as red and yellow convey boldness and energy. Just make sure the colours you choose are well-balanced – too much of anything isn’t good, either.

The best images

If you are planning to use an image for your banner, it should be of high quality. Don’t just use an image you find for free on the Internet – they tend to be of low quality once they are actually printed on the banner. Invest in a good image; there are plenty of websites where you simply have to pay a minimal fee to get the best image you can find for your roller banner’s design.

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