Credit Score Tips To Revival: Helpful Hints To Erase Bad Credit

Posted on January 18, 2017 by Guy Atkinson

Bad credit is not rare.   Experian estimates that nearly 33 percent of Americans have a credit score below 600.  Many people are not even aware that their credit rating is suffering until it is too late.  

Applying for housing or a credit card can end in misery and embarrassment if a person’s credit rating is sub-par.  Though an organization may give a bit of information as to why an applicant has been denied, they do not explain how to fix it.  Here are a few helpful hints to begin erasing the stamp of bad credit.  

Understand that it takes time.

If there are negative occurrences built up on a person’s credit, it will take time to undo the damage.  Short of just paying the debt off, the only thing to do is wait.  Most occurrences take anywhere from seven to ten years to fall off of a credit report if no payment has been made.  

It is unrealistic to expect a bad credit score to rise in a month’s time.  It takes years to do the damage, so it will take a while to undo.  Be patient, and make payments on the more manageable debts, if possible.  

Assess the situation.

There is no way to begin working to build a credit score if a person has no information about their credit history.  Every person can obtain their credit history once per year for no charge.  It behooves us all to take hold of this opportunity.  

There are also several different mobile apps that will assist the user in keeping track of their credit score in real time.  Try utilizing Apple’s Credit Tracker or Credit Karma on Android.  

Work to fix any credit errors.

Once all three reports have been received, look over the information, carefully scanning for errors.  Credit errors are very common, and identity theft can also tarnish an unsuspecting credit score.  If errors are present, dispute them as soon as possible.  

Credit reporting agencies have a 30-day window to respond to the dispute.  Occasionally, there is an opportunity for an agency to extend the period to 45 days, but that rarely happens.  Also, disputes should be directed to the bureau reporting the mistake.  Dispute each error individually.

Grab hold of credit card debt.

Credit cards are one of the worst issues found on millions of credit reports.  Take ahold of any credit card debt.  Shred any maxed out cards.  Consolidate payments if possible, and pay more than the minimum monthly payment.  

Take steps to build positive credit.

One way to combat bad credit is to do better simply.  Do better at managing money and credit accounts.  Pay payments on time.  End each month with a zero balance on credit cards.  Pay off any small debts working against the goal of a good credit score.  

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