5 Best Ways to Keep Your Money Safe While Traveling

Posted on October 04, 2016 by Guy Atkinson

Going away on holiday is always something fun and relaxing to look forward to; however, it is important to plan before you go, and to be sure to take sufficient precautions. After all, nothing can ruin a holiday more quickly than losing your hard-earned money.  Tourists are often the target of pickpockets and hustlers, and you can easily be cheated or robbed if you do not keep a close eye on your wallet, backpack, or purse. Don’t be an easy target. Here are five easy and effective ways to keep you and your money safe while traveling.


  1. Limit Your Use of Cash and Credit

Using a credit card or cash as your primary method of payment on vacation payment comes with plenty of risk.  First, people tend to overspend when using credit cards on holiday, causing them to go over-budget, which can have serious repercussions down the line.  Second, if someone steals your credit card it can lead to more complex problems such as credit card fraud and credit loss.  Cash has its own issues—it is much easier to access and more tempting to steal.  This is why the optimal method of payment while travelling is using a prepaid card. Because you load the card before you go, you can easily stick to a specific budget; plus, it is easy to conceal. Before you go, be sure to check what forms of payment are primarily accepted at your destination.

  1. Utilise the Multi-Stash Technique

If you do use cash, never carry it all it one place (i.e. your wallet).  Instead, use the multi-stash technique: break your money up and hide different amounts in several spots.  This will reduce the impact of a potential theft.  For instance, you can keep some spending money in your wallet, but stash the remaining funds in a sock inside your suitcase.  Alternatively, keep some money in your wallet, and keep the other cash inside a hotel room safe.  This way, you do not have “all your eggs in one basket,” and if you are pickpocketed, you will still have spending money safely stored at your hotel.

Additionally, theft does not just happen outside of hotels—take care to not leave cash or cards lying around in your hotel room.  If your room door is left open during a cleaning, or if a hotel employee accidentally leaves your door unlocked, others may be tempted to enter your room and steal any easily visible cash.  The bank is the safest place for your vacation cash, and you should only withdraw money as you need it, not all at once. 

  1. Avoid Isolated ATMs

Isolated ATMs, such as any machine that isn’t visible from the street or nearby shops, provide the perfect environment for a thief.  Instead, use ATMs located inside your hotel or near busy, populated areas and not withdraw cash late at night or in the early morning hours. Take these precautions and you will be much less of a target for robbery. 

  1. Keep Cash Out of Sight

While it’s fun to spend money on vacation, you should always remain aware of the people around you. Whether you’re seeing an event, going shopping, or eating out at a restaurant, never pull out large wads of cash in front of others. This will often draw the wrong type of attention. It’s much more prudent to use your prepaid card, because no one will know how much cash has been preloaded on the card.

  1. Use a Money Belt

Whether you have cash, a prepaid card, or credit cards, there is no safer place for your money than directly on your body.  A money belt helps keep money hidden and greatly reduces the risk of pickpocketing or bag-snatching.  Typically, money belts are zipped pouches made of soft fabric which adjust to fit comfortably across your waist or stomach.

To use, position the belt on your body, then get dressed as you normally would.  Your clothes should hide the belt from view.  This hidden stash is a perfect place for cards and cash as well as other important documents, such as your passport or ID. 

Final Word

Thieves know that many tourists will be careless while relaxing on vacation, and they are ready to take advantage of the situation.  The way you handle your money directly impacts whether or not you are at risk for theft.  Remember to carry minimal cash and opt for prepaid cards instead of credit cards.

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