The Science of Smiles

Posted on December 19, 2015 by Guy Atkinson

I’m pretty sure everybody has seen at least one other person who wears or has worn braces during their lifetime. invisalign
But it has occurred to me that there are some people who are not aware of the basic principle behind orthodontics Lincoln NE or anywhere else. Simply put, braces are attached to a person’s teeth in order to apply slight pressure over an extended course of time, changing their position and angle to ultimately be straighter and more appealing. This usually takes at least two years of application and staying in said person’s mouth to even have the least bit of effectiveness.

The reason why people usually get braces and also why it’s seen as something that is almost necessary instead of a vanity or luxury boils down to social interaction. Aside from our hands, our faces are the most obvious conveyors of emotion and dialogue when it comes to socializing with other members of our community. Irregularities in the way our teeth grow (or malocclusions, to use the proper orthodontic term) in the most extreme cases, can hinder our ability to properly speak and communicate and, at the mildest, can distract the person we are speaking with from our intended message and purpose.


In other words, seeing crooked teeth or pronounced overbites/underbites have a tangible effect on how the world views us.

The benefits of having straight and visually pleasing teeth thus becomes a perceived necessity rather than the luxury it actually is. There are some drawbacks that lead to some people not subjecting themselves to this commonplace treatment. Chief among these would be cost, time, and appearance. Of course, people could always consider visiting a cosmetic dental office to look at the different options. There may be some more affordable options that could help people to achieve straight teeth.

Getting braces is not something the average person can simply decide to do on a whim. By virtue of it being a specialist orthodontics treatment, the cost is high enough to warrant some people to balk at the procedure. Time is also a relevant factor. In order to get the changes you want, these braces have to remain in your mouth for months and years. And it is not a time frame you can easily breeze by. Dentist appointments will abound from start to finish, with the tweaking and adjusting of the dental pressure leaving an uncomfortable sensation and a hampered ability to do common oral functions like chewing or biting.

For appearance, no matter how beneficial braces are to dental health, we cannot avoid the stigma that comes with having the equivalent of a mental fence cordoned around our teeth. Out of a sense of vanity, some people who actually could benefit from braces choose to avoid the treatment altogether.

For these problems surrounding getting dental braces, Invisalign offers a solution. Instead of the traditional wire and steel fencing around one’s teeth, clear plastic aligners are utilized for the same purpose of straightening crooked teeth. The obvious benefit of Invisalign is the fact that its clear plastic material makes it seem like there is nothing there at all. Additionally, the aligners are removable, making everyday oral functions such as eating and brushing one’s teeth hassle-free.

With cutting-edge technology at an affordable price, Invisalign is the answer to all the annoyances that come with traditional dental braces!

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