1. 3 things to give away at your next expo

    Posted on January 27, 2016 by Guy Atkinson

    Expos can give your company the chance to showcase your products or services to a new audience, raise awareness of your brand and potentially boost your sales. To make the most of these events though, you have to ensure your company gets noticed at them – and one way to do this is to hand Read More…

  2. Tips on ISA Investment

    Posted on January 26, 2016 by Guy Atkinson

    The Government, in a moment of great generosity, has allowed UK residents over 18 years old to invest in an Isa. The maximum amount of money that can be placed in an Isa account is currently 15,240. Personally, it would have been better, in my opinion, for the government to allow the amount you invest Read More…

  3. 3 Luxury Eco Friendly Holidays You’ll Love

    Posted on January 01, 2016 by Guy Atkinson

    With all the talk of global warming these days it is nice to try and travel in a way that is eco-friendly and leaves as little of an impact on the environment as possible. You will be part of a small but growing group of travellers that are concerned about the effect that visitors to Read More…

  4. Beer Review: Fuller’s Organic Honey Dew

    Posted on December 19, 2015 by Guy Atkinson

    Image credit: thebeernut.blogspot.com I should warn you, my being new to the Greenists and all, that I am a beer geek. I see a Guinness and think “light beer.” (It’s actually lower in alcohol and calories than Budweiser.) I’ve taken notes on every single new beer I’ve ever tasted.  I once spent a week working Read More…

  5. Mrs Green eats vegan for a day

    Posted on December 19, 2015 by Guy Atkinson

    I’m way behind but was eager to participate in this.

  6. OVER illustrates perils of overshoot and impacts of human overpopulation on our planet (review)

    Posted on December 19, 2015 by Guy Atkinson

    This large format photo book features hundreds of stunning images highlighting the effects that our global population of 7 billion (and growing) has on the Earth.

  7. How Technology is Bringing Net-Zero Building to Reality

    Posted on December 19, 2015 by Guy Atkinson

    Energy loss being experienced by current building coupled with a growing concern over climate change and the debate as to what amount of contribution is manmade or made up has led designers to meet the challenge of creating architecture that meets the challenge of this question. Net-zero policies are being discussed on the local, state, Read More…

Tip of the Day

Time management for Finance Professionals

time management


I’ve just re-read Richard Denny’s fantastic book ‘Selling to Win’, in which he mentions a time management technique that I learnt many, many years ago from an old boss of mine.


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