1. The Joy of Crafting: Timeless Projects for Kids

    Posted on November 13, 2023 by Content Admin

    The Joy of Crafting Timeless Projects for Kids

    Crafting with children is a wonderful way to nurture their creativity, develop fine motor skills, and spend quality time together. Engaging in timeless craft projects not only brings joy to kids but also fosters their imagination and self-expression. In this article, we’ll explore the enchanting world of crafting for kids and provide ideas and tips Read More…

  2. Crafting a Kid-centric Home: Blending Style with Child-friendly Features

    Posted on October 15, 2023 by Content Admin

    Crafting a Kid-centric Home Blending Style with Child-friendly Features

    The modern home is a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and, importantly, a space that caters to every family member’s needs. Among these, creating an environment that is both appealing and kid-friendly poses its unique challenges and rewards. As children grow and evolve, their spaces need to reflect their changing needs, interests, and personalities. Balancing style Read More…

  3. How To Raise Prices For Essential Commodities for Low-Income Households

    Posted on January 14, 2021 by Guy Atkinson

    Living costs cover expenses required for one to live a reasonably comfortable life. It includes the expenses for food, shelter, clothing, and other basic necessities like a basic cell phone (you can get one from https://entouchwireless.com/lifeline/ if you are deemed eligible). The concept of living costs is the equivalent of saying the price of doing Read More…

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Time management for Finance Professionals

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I’ve just re-read Richard Denny’s fantastic book ‘Selling to Win’, in which he mentions a time management technique that I learnt many, many years ago from an old boss of mine.


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